Cervin Stockings

  • Cervin were one of the first European designers to embrace Nylon. They loved the stretch and resilience it provided, but insisted on refining it further to give it that touch of luxury and delicate feel that Cervin customers are so used to. Cervin were one of the companies responsible for making synthetic fibres what they are today; soft, comfortable and versatile. But it was silk that Cervin started working with before Nylon and it's silk where they've made the biggest elaps

    Nowadays, with high quality materials of every kind available, Cervin make it a high priority finding the very best and most beautiful natural fibres they can for their leg wear. Their most popular items are pure silk, a difficult product to make due to the lack of stretch and its rigidity.

    Cervin found that working with silk was a challenge as it doesn't stretch at all and won't fit to your form. They overcame this limitation by creating some of the first fully fashioned stockings in history.

    Fully fashioned stockings are ones where the leg, if you lay it out flat, is shaped like the leg. The curve of the calf and the thigh, the valley of the knee and ankle are all instantly visible. Most stockings are just a simple tube of material, but this makes for a rather generic fit. Cervin's fully fashion items perfectly hug your legs and once you have them on, they seem like a second skin compared to the fit of a less high quality design.

    Fully fashion stockings were around before Cervin began making them, but they were popularised and perfected by Cervin and probably wouldn't be so well known around the world today if it weren't for this incredibly talented design house.

    They are still innovating each and every day, making tiny improvements to their classic items and creating beuatiful new designs that will break new ground in the leg wear world.

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