The History Of Cervin

  • Cervin is a truly special designer. They are one of only a handful of people left in Europe that produce their leg wear with the same quality materials and with the same attention to detail that Cervin does. Like many French clothing designers, their pride in their heritage has kept Cervin's manufacturing in Paris itself. It has never been exported to another country nor have they switched their materials and fabrics for some cheaper. Cervin know that people buy their designs because of their wonderful and unrivalled beauty and quality, and that is what lies at the heart of their design philosophy.

    Founded over a century ago. Cervin started working with silk, a very scarce commodity at the time and incredibly expensive. But the designers knew that people still wanted luxury products in their lives and they strove to make the very best items of that kind they could.

    For decades, Cervin put everything they could into refining their range and taking away any imperfections in their leg wear. After the Second World War, when silk was an even scarcer commodity, Cervin started to experiment with a brand new and innovative fabric called Nylon. Experimenting for decades to come, they've adopted other innovative fibres like Lycra to improve their fit even more.

    During the modern era, their mission has evolved from just producing beautiful leg wear to protecting an old favourite from disappearing. That old favoruite is the humble back seam. Since the '40s, the back seam has become avintage design, kept alive by just a handful of designers. But over the past few years, Cervin have put so much into bringing this motif back, showing leg wear lovers just how beautiful and functional this kind of design feature can be.

    Thanks to Cervin, these kind of vintage motifs are making a comeback and people are seeing just how powerful these kinds of design additions can be. Modern leg wear now consists of a mixture of older styles like polka dots and back seams and newer, more futuristic designs like geometric patterns. This is thanks to Cervin and their contemporaries showing the world just how wonderful these timeless relics of fashion can look.

    For the foreseeable future, Cervin's mission is to keep refining the quality of their existing products and concentrate on making the rest of the fashion world aware of just how much they'e missing by faitfully recreating the leg wear of the '20s, '30s and '40s.

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